Retseptrioonisündmused/ Response Events/ Événements de réception

Conference at the University of Tartu

19.-21. november 2020

Artworks and cultural productions affect us more or less. In rare occasions, their encounter can trigger a life-changing event. These rare and unexpected individual moments can be shared as narratives, some of which are found in literature.

The Response Events research-creation project examines how individual experiences of representations (literary, artistic, cinematographic, etc.) can sometimes become life-changing events or “response events” for readers or spectators. The notion of response event is based on Alain Badiou’s understanding of the event: “the event is first the onset of the inexistent and the onset of an inexistent brings about in its periphery a figure of destruction”. It also builds on Claude Romano’s reflection on the event, which makes sense through an individual, “opening a world by reconfiguring its possibilities”. Therefore, even if the response event is caused by an unexpected encounter with a representation, it seems to respond to a matured situation for the individual.

This project led at the University of Tartu, in collaboration with Aix-Marseille University and University of Côte d’Azur, culminates this autumn with a conference, a doctoral workshop and three art exhibitions.
ContactsSara Bédard-Goulet (University of Tartu,, Damien Beyrouthy (Aix-Marseille University,, Frédéric Vinot (University of Côte d’Azur,


The Response Events conference gathers scholars examining the concept of response event from multiple perspectives in order to enrich the understanding of this phenomena (Jakobi 2 & BigBlueButton 19.-21.11.2020).

The doctoral workshop Contributions of the Art Field Approaches and Methods in the Humanities takes place in Jakobi 2 -114 and on BigBlueButton (18.11.2020). This workshop present approaches and methods from the art field that can contribute to research in the humanities.

The Sanatorium’s Atmosphere exhibition, a solo show by Belgian artist Bruno Goosse, takes place in Kogo gallery (24.10-05.12.2020). This exhibition explores the atmosphere and architecture of the tuberculosis sanatoria, and the reactions that they can still raise today, after no longer being in use.

The Returns exhibition, a group show with Damien Beyrouthy (France/Lebanon), Dénes Farkas (Estonia/Hungary), Anna Guilló (France/Catalonia) and Pascal Navarro (France), takes place in Tartu Art House (19.11-13.12.2020). For this exhibition, the artists were invited to reflect and question the reception to artworks and cultural productions through their respective practice and media.

The exhibition To The Edge, a solo show by French artist Jean Arnaud, takes place at the University of Tartu (21.11.2020-16.02.2021). In this exhibition, the artist captures the disappearance and reminiscence of two trees, one from Estonia and one from France, whose stories struck him and which he has collected. In cooperation with the Estonian National Museum and their permanent exhibition „Encounters“.



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