Pre-modern Seminar No 34: Jan Samuelson and Magnus Perlestam

On Monday May 12th there will be a mini-symposium with dr. Jan Samuelson and dr. Magnus Perlesta
from Mid-Sweden university. Their talks will be titled:

“Female Power and religiosity. The Swedish noble females and their relations to the church during the period 1650 to 1750” (Jan Samuelson)


“The Face of obedience. Military Obedience and disobedience in the age of Charles XII” (Magnus Perlestam)

The seminar will take place in the library of Skandinavistika (Ülikooli 17, 3rd floor, room 305) at 18.15.

Jan and Magnus have sent us short presentations of their lectures:

Female Power and Religiosity (Jan Samuelson).

“Until 1922 in some Swedish parishes there existed a form of church patronages, which means that the owner of a manor in the parish, or sometimes a company, had the right to nominate the clergy in that parish. In 1922 there still existed 122 such rights, which mean less than 10% of all parishes in the country. In a historical perspective these rights in Sweden have not been subject for many investigations. This is still more the fact with one special category, namely the women, especially widows, who was in the possession of these rights. If you look at these rights in a gender perspective, you can get a clearer picture of what was considered male and female during the early modern period. This is what I am going to talk about at the visit in Tartu. The time in question is the 17th and 18th centuries.”

The Face of Obediende (Magnus Perlestam).

“In what is generally referred to as Sweden’s Age of Greatness (1617–1721), Swedish armies ravaged Europe and Russia. The resulting manoeuvres, battles, and sieges have been frequently described by Swedish military historians, yet rarely have the internal relationships within the Swedish armies been a topic of inquiry. In this lecture I present such a study, with a focus on the relationship between military commanders and their subordinates in the age of King Charles XII (1682–1718). By studying different types of obedience crime, my aim has been to identify the various informal rules that determined the nature of the subordinate–superior relationship, with a special focus upon the reasons for insubordination”

Jan Samuelson and Magnus Perlestam are associate professors of history at the Mid-Sweden University.

Everybody is welcome!


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