Tartu Ülikool

Loeng islandi keelest

Teisipäeval, 19. septembril algusega kell 16 (Lossi 3-328) peab Marc Daníel Skipstað Volhardt Islandi ülikoolist „Põhjamaade sügis Tartus“ raames ettekande islandi keele olukorrast. Ettekanne toimub inglise keeles ja on avatud kõigile huvilistele.

"Icelandic: The foundation of Icelandic culture, its history and modern challenges."

The Icelandic language is the foundation of Icelandic culture and is spoken and written with pride by its speakers. It is the language of the sagas and the only official language of the Icelandic state. From being close to extinction under the Danish kingdom, it survived, and thrives today in its modern form. Despite being conservative, Icelandic has undergone a series of systematic sound changes, new words have been made, and new waves of immigration have introduced a hitherto rarely heard Icelandic, namely Icelandic with a foreign accent. Wherein lies the pride of its speakers? What modern challenges does Icelandic face?