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A student of Vilnius University won the three rectors' scholarship competition

The three rector's scholarship competition took place already for the fifth time. Gabrielė Aputytė, a student of the Unversity of Vilnius, participated in the competition for the second time and was chosen as the winner of the final round held on April 28 at the University of Latvia in Riga.

Gabrielė Aputytė is a third-year bachelor's student in Lithuanian philology and Latvian at Vilnius University. She started studying Latvian in the first year and Estonian in the second year. Last summer, she attended Livonian summer school run by Valts Ernštreits. Gabriele is interested in languages ​​and history, as well as folk culture, and she actively participates in the folklore ensemble "Ratilio" of Vilnius University.

The University of Tartu was represented at the competition by Vasilisa Kovkin, a third-year year student of Estonian and Finno-Ugrian linguistics, and Elmar Gams, who is studying history in doctoral studies.

The next scholarship competition will be organized in the 2022/2023 academic year by the University of Vilnius. Students who speak all three Baltic languages ​​are welcome to participate. More information about the competition can be found here. Should anyone be interested in learning Latvian and Lithuanian, they can do so at the language courses of the University of Tartu College of Foreign Languages ​​and Cultures.

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