Register as a student

Students of the University of Tartu can register for all language courses in the Study Information System (SIS). Open the detailed search and fill in these fields: 

  • faculty/institution – Institute of Foreign Languages and Cultures
  • year, semester (autumn or spring) – select the suitable year and semester
  • language training – select the language you are interested in 

We definitely recommend specifying both the academic year and semester in your detailed search options, because the courses are often planned for the whole academic year. This means that while searching for language courses taking place during the autumn semester, you may already also see information about the courses planned for the spring semester, even though registration for them is not open yet.

The courses offered by the Institute of Foreign Languages and Cultures start with the codes FLGR, FLKE, FLLC, HVLC. If you know the code of the course, it's enough to find the course in the general search as well. 

The course schedules are located under the button titled "Event" in the top right part. Make sure you are looking at the information of the right academic year and semester. 

Things to remember

  • All the language courses consist of practical language lessons, which means that regular participation is very important and it's usually a requirement for passing the course. All students who wish to participate in a language course must be registered.
  • Keep in mind that registering for a course means that you will also have to take tests or exams in the course, as given in the course description. 
  • NB! Cancellation dates may differ! According to the Regulation of Studies at the University of Tartu, students shall be entitled to cancel their registration for a course provided that less than 10% of the course has taken place (i.e. before the 3rd class).
  • If the study information system shows that the course is full, you can add yourself to the waiting list. Once a place opens up, the SIS will send an automatic notification to your e-mail (the one in SIS) and after that you will have 2 days to register to the course. If you don't complete your registration within the two days, the place if offered to the next student in the waiting list and your registration is cancelled. If the course has already started, but you are still in the waiting list, we recommend attending the first lesson because there may be places available in the auditorium.
  • The autumn semester usually starts on the first week of September and the spring semester starts on the second week of February. Courses last for 15-16 weeks.
  • The length of the course is calculated in academic hours: 1 academic hour equals 45 minutes, one language lesson lasts for 1,5 hours (i.e. 2 academic hours). One course is usually 60-64 academic hours (i.e. 30-32 meetings).
  • The student will get all the necessary information from the lecturer in the first lesson.
  • The language levels are marked according to CEFR standards: A (beginner), B (intermediate), C (advanced). 
  • If you have forgotten your SIS username and/or password, write to Include your full name and date of birth in the e-mail.
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