Modern and Contemporary Literature

Our scholars work on British, American, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Scandinavian, Canadian and Quebec literatures, above all on the 19th-21st centuries. The college continues the Lotman tradition in literary and culture studies. Our work has an important regional dimension, as we study the extensive literary ties in the Baltic Sea region, especially between Baltic-German, Russian and Estonian literatures. In the case of other literatures, we also draw parallels with Estonian literature and thus the literature cluster collaborates with translation scholars. In the context of contemporary literature, we trace connections between literature and social issues, like power, gender and the environment, as well as broader theoretical debates around representation. Here, our work embraces literary theory, fiction and theatre, but also new media like computer games. Another strand of research tackles the questions of poetics and poetic thinking.

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Kanada lipp

The Tenth International Tartu Conference on Canadian Studies


Sara Bédard-Goulet

Professor of Romance Studies

Raili Marling

Professor of English Studies