Marko Pajević

Marko Pajevic

Marko Pajević is Professor of German Studies at the University of Tartu. His main research interest is poetics defined as the interaction of the form of language and the form of life. Consequently, his research is concerned with all cultural phenomena, with a focus on meaning-making processes. Since these are necessarily related to language, literature is a privileged field of observation. He developed the notion of poetic thinking as a poetological anthropology. Translation practice and theory as well as multilingualism are other research fields linked to these processes. He also has an invested interest in film.

He is an internationally leading scholar on the poetics of Paul Celan and the theory of rhythm of Henri Meschonnic and has published extensively on the above fields in German, English and French.

Selected publications:

  • The Meschonnic-Reader. A Poetics of Society, translated from French with translator-team, Edinburgh UP, 2019, editor, co-translator, substantial introduction and apparatus (350 pp.)
  • Thinking Language with Henri Meschonnic, Special Issue of Comparative Critical Studies, 15/3, Oct 2018, co-editor with David Nowell Smith, chapter and introduction (120S.)
  • Thinking Language. Wilhelm von Humboldt Now, co-editor with David Nowell Smith, chapter and introduction, Special Issue of Forum for Modern Language Studies, Oxford UP, 53/1, Jan 2017
  • Poetisches Denken und die Frage nach dem Menschen. Grundzüge einer poetologischen Anthropologie, Karl Alber Verlag, Reihe Dia-Logik, Freiburg i.Br., 2012 (358 pp.)
  • German and European Poetics after the Holocaust. Crisis and Creativity, Camden House, Rochester, 2011, co-editor with G. Hofmann, R. MagShamrain, M. Shields, chapter and introduction (310 pp.)
  • Kafka lesen. Acht Textanalysen, Bernstein-Verlag, Bonn, 2009 (106 pp.)
  • Zur Poetik Paul Celans: Gedicht und Mensch – Die Arbeit am Sinn, Beiträge zur neueren Literaturgeschichte, Band 177, Universitätsverlag C. Winter, Heidelberg, 2000 (310 pp.)

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