Contacts and structure

Most of our classes usually take place at J. Liivi 4 or Jakobi 2, some lectures are also held at the University main building at Ülikooli 18.

J. Liivi 4

Mon–Fri    07:00–21:30
Sat–Sun   08:00–20:00


Jakobi 2

Mon–Fri    07.30–20.30
Sat–Sun   08.00–18.00

Opening hours are different on state holidays and during summer months (June-August). You can always ask the receptionists about the exact opening hours by calling 737 6104 (J. Liivi 4) and 737 5103 (Jakobi 2).

Our academic affairs specialists and coordinators are usually present Mon–Fri at 8–17. However, to make sure the person you wish to meet with is present at the time you need it, we strongly recommend scheduling a meeting beforehand (esp. during distant learning periods). 



Kersti Lepajõe

(+372) 737 5356
J. Liivi 4-116


Tiina Kattel
Vice Director (language training and continuing education programmes)

(+372) 737 6359
J. Liivi 4-113


Tanel Lepsoo
Vice Director (degree programmes)

J. Liivi 4-117

Coordinators and Contact Persons at the Departments


Kätlin Luhamägi
Administrative Manager
Coordinator at the Departments of the Languages of the Asian region and Baltic region:

(+372) 737 5357
J. Liivi 4-111


Age Allas
Coordinator (BA and MA programmes)

(+372) 737 6255

J. Liivi 4-111


Marianne Liibert
Communications Specialist
Coordinator for Continuing Education Programmes

(+372) 737 5358
J. Liivi 4-112


Mari-Liis Tina
Librarian 0,6 k (employment contract suspended)

J. Liivi 4-108


Marko Tiido

J. Liivi 4-109
tel. 737 5339


Elica Mateo Krikk
Academic Affairs Specialist at 

the Department of Classical Studies
the Department of Romance Studies: Spanish language and literature, 737 5319
J. Liivi 4-217A


Marilii Adamson 
Academic Affairs Specialist at the Department of English Studies
Coordinator for PhD programmes
Coordinator for English language placement tests, 737 5218
J. Liivi 4-306


Marju Adams 
Academic Affairs Specialist at the Department of Romance Studies: French language and literature, 737 5354
J. Liivi 4-217A


Milvi Kaber 
Academic Affairs Specialist at 

the Department of German Studies
the Department of Slavic Studies
the Department of Translation and Interpretation Studies, 737 5228
J. Liivi 4-201


Viivika Voodla 
Academic Affairs Specialist at the Department of Scandinavian Studies, 737 5212
J. Liivi 4-221


Djuddah A. J. Leijen
Head of Department
AVOK - Centre for Academic Writing and Communication

(+372) 737 6368
J. Liivi 4-310

Lossi 3, Andrus Tennus

Staff and contacts


Announcements and events

Announcements and events by the Department of Translation and Interpretation Studies.