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Department of Translation and Interpretation Studies.


Terje Loogus
Head of Department,
Associate Professor of Translation Studies,
Programme Director, PhD

(+372) 737 5348
J. Liivi 4-213B

Representative of the European Master’s in Translation (EMT) at the University of Tartu. Member of the European Society for Translation Studies. Teaches methodology of translational research, general translation theory, culture-specific aspects of translation, practical translation seminars (de-et, et-de). Has published on translation theory, translation and culture and translation policy, has been a member of the sworn translator’s examination board. Freelance translator.



Luc van Doorslaer
Professor of Translation Studies, PhD

J. Liivi 4-104

Before starting his professorship at the University of Tartu, he worked at the University of Duisburg (Germany), the University of Antwerp and KU Leuven (both Belgium). He is the former President of CETRA (2014-18), the Centre for Translation Studies at KU Leuven, and Professor Extraordinary at Stellenbosch University (South Africa). Since 2016 he has been Vice President of EST, the European Society for Translation Studies. He is journal editor of ‘Translation in Society’ (John Benjamins) and book series editor of ‘Translation, Interpreting & Transfer’ (Leuven University Press). He has published widely in the field of translation studies, mainly on his research interests journalism and translation, sociology of translation, imagology and translation, and the institutionalization of translation studies. Courses taught: Introduction to translation studies, National and cultural image-building through translation, Translation in journalism, Sociology of translation.



Sirje Kupp-Sazonov
Lecturer in Russian Language
and Translation Studies, PhD
(employment contract suspended)

J. Liivi 4-213A

Freelance translator. Teaches the following courses: introduction to interpreting, practical translation seminars (ru-et and et-ru) of business texts, science and technology translation and legal translation. In addition she teacher courses in the Department of Slavic Studies: including a course on the problems of contrastive grammar on the basis of Russian and a seminar in Russian grammar. She has published on the role of grammar in translation, Russian-Estonian translation, contrastive grammar of Estonian and Russian languages.



Piret Rääbus
Teacher of Written Translation (English Language), part-time

J. Liivi 4-213A



Reelika Saar
Junior Lecturer in Written Translation (English Language), MA

J. Liivi 4-213A

Freelance translator/reviser, teaching the following courses: Translation of LSP-texts (en-et, et-en), Introduction to Translating EU Texts, CAT Tools and Translation Memories, Machine Translation Post-Editing. Member of the Estonian Association of Masters in Conference Interpreting and Translation. Member of the European Society for Translation Studies.



Tatjana Opikova
Adjunct Instructor


Anastassia Kolessova
Adjunct Instructor


Milvi Kaber
Academic Affairs Specialist

737 5228
5349 9270
J. Liivi 4-201

Seminars in translation are also delivered by:

Marri Amon
Lecturer in French Language
and Translation Studies, PhD

737 6244
J. Liivi 4-218

Freelance interpreter in EU institutions and freelance translator. Teaches the following courses: translation of economic, legal, scientific and technical texts from French into Estonian and from Estonian into French.



Reet Bender
Associate Professor of German Philology, PhD

737 6240
J. Liivi 4-206

Teaches the following courses: practical translation seminars (de-et and et-de) of science and technology translation and, in the Department of German Studies, courses of practical translation (de-et), german language history, history of the german speaking countries, baltic german culture and translation,  problems of contrastive grammar, text analysis. Has published on baltic-german translation history, balti-german lexicography, language and cultural history. Freelance translator and interpreter.


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