Terje Loogus


Terje Loogus is Associate Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Tartu. Her main research interests include culture and translation, culture-specific translation problems, translation didactics, translation and imagology, translation and German Studies. She has been teaching different translation (theory) courses in Estonian and German since 2007. She is the main representative of the University of Tartu in the Network European Master’s in Translation (EMT) and a member of the European Society for Translation Studies (EST). In collaboration with the University of Göttingen, she also coordinates the DAAD-funded doctoral school ‘Dynamics of Transcultural Semiosis’ at the University of Tartu. She is also a freelance translator of literature. 

Selected publications:

Recent projects:

  • Student peer-feedback as a method in Translation Didactics, University of Tartu (2018-20)
  • The imagological importance of translation policy, University of Tartu (2019-21)

More publications and information in the Estonian Research Information System.

Research clusters: 

Contact: terje.loogus@ut.ee

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