Tartu Ülikool

International student conference focuses on the languages and cultures of the Baltic states

On 22–23 September 2023, the University of Tartu hosts the 10th Baltic Student Conference “Bridges in the Baltics”. The conference welcomes bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students from all the Baltic countries.

The conference aims to bring together students whose studies and research focus on the languages or culture of the three Baltic states, give them the possibility to meet their peers from other countries and universities, present their academic work and interests, learn from each other and make new contacts. The working languages of the conference are Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and English.

The conference will primarily discuss topics related to the Baltic states’ society and culture:

  • language and literature;
  • history, folklore and culture;
  • arts, film and music;
  • political and social developments in the Baltic region.

For more information, please visit the conference website.