Autumn semester courses of the academic year 2023/2024

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The autumn semester usually starts on the first week of September or sometimes also on the last week of August. The spring semester starts on the second week of February (see the university academic calendar). All courses usually last for 15-16 weeks. Registration for language courses opens on 15 May and 15 December, respectively, and stays open until the beginning of the semester. By the same dates, we also upload all courses to our homepage and start accepting applications from non-students (continuing education learners). 



per aspera ad astra  – through hardships to the stars

ars longa, vita brevis est – art lasts long, life is short

otium reficit vires – leisure renews the power

amor vincit omnia – love conquers all

mens sana in corpore sano – a healthy mind in a healthy body

finis coronat opus – the end crowns the work

in memoriam – in memory of

tabula rasa – a clean slate

audiatur et altera pars – listen to the other side as well

dixi et animam levavi – I have spoken and relieved my soul

vivat, crescat, floreat – live, grow, flourish

Põhjamaade sügis Tartus

Autumn brings crisp Nordic culture to Tartu

Kolm Tartu Ülikooli magistranti sai topeltdiplomi Prantsusmaa ülikooliga

Three University of Tartu master’s students received diplomas from Tartu and Lyon

Tudengid koos

A new website presents opportunities for learning Estonian at the university