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A public statement to end war in Ukraine was made at Lotman's congress

Delegates of the congress made a public statement to end war in Ukraine during the public ceremony held at the University of Tartu.

Department of Slavic Studies

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The Department of Slavic Studies teaches Russian language and literature on all three levels of higher education, from BA to PhD. The department has a long and glorious research tradition, an excellent team of lecturers, who are disciples and followers of the world-famous researchers' Juri Lotman and Zara Mints. Our main research areas are the history and poetics of Russian literature, Russian-Estonian literary and cultural ties, linguistics, and interlingual communication. The department teaches Russian literature and linguistics courses, conducts practical classes in academic Russian language and editing, and is open to all those interested in Russian language and culture. Additionally, learning another Slavic language, Czech or Polish, and about the culture of the respective country is also compulsory for all BA students. The Department of Slavic Studies organizes annual international conferences and seminars and publishes a series of research papers titled "Acta Slavica Estonica". Students give presentations at an annual conference for young philologists, which results in the publication of an electronic collection "Russian Philology".



Tatjana Stepaništševa
Head of Department, Lecturer in Russian Literature, Programme Director for the BA and PhD programmes in Russian and Slavonic Philology, PhD (Russian Literature)

J. Liivi 4-203



Roman Leibov
Associate Professor of Russian Literature, PhD (Russian Literature)

J. Liivi 4-204


Lea Pild
Associate Professor of Russian Literature, PhD (Russian Literature)

J. Liivi 4-203


Anastasiia Ryko
Associate Professor of Russian Language, cand

J. Liivi 4-210


Ekaterina Velmezova
Visiting Professor in Slavic Studies, PhD

J. Liivi 4-202



Irina Abisogomjan
Lecturer in Czech Language 0.5 p, PhD (Slavonic Philology)

J. Liivi 4-212



Roman Voitehhovitš
Lecturer in Russian Literature, PhD (Russian Literature)

J. Liivi 4-203


Anna Małgorzata Podstawska
Visiting lecturer of Polish

J. Liivi 4-212


Olga Fraiman
Teacher of Russian MA (Russian Literature)

J. Liivi 4-209



Natalija Joonas
Teacher of Russian, MA (Russian Language)

J. Liivi 4-209


Viktoria Kuznetsova
Adjunct Instructor (Russian language), MA (Teacher of Foreign Languages)

J. Liivi 4-209



Janeli Nõlvand
Teacher of Russian, MA (Teacher of Russian Language and Literature), employment contract suspended

J. Liivi 4-209



Mihhail Orehhov
Teacher of Russian, MA (Teacher of Russian Language and Literature)

J. Liivi 4-212


Helen Pahk
Teacher of Russian (Adjunct Instructor)

J. Liivi 4-209


Ljubov Kisseljova
Professor Emerita, cand (Philology)

737 5353
J. Liivi 4-202


Irina Külmoja
Project Manager 0.25 p, Professor emerita, cand (Philology)

737 5352
J. Liivi 4-208


Jelisaveta-Kaarina Kostandi
Associate Professor Emerita, cand (Philology)

J. Liivi 4-208


Maria Borovikova
Project Assistant 0.8 p, PhD (Russian Literature)

J. Liivi 4-204


Alessandra Dezi
Junior Research Fellow in Russian and Slavonic Philology 0,75 k.



Aleksandr Dulitšenko
Professor Emeritus



Svetlana Jevstratova
Associate Professor Emerita



Milvi Kaber
Academic Affairs Specialist

737 5228
5349 9270
J. Liivi 4-201