Centre for Academic Writing and Communication - AVOK

AVOK is the Centre for Academic Writing and Communication and our main goal is to support writing and communication skills development through:

Research: We want our support to be informed through research. As such, AVOK actively seeks research projects, topics, and partners that approach writing through different angles. For example, our research investigates writing processes through peer review, and writing products through different genres, disciplines, and languages. We focus on questions such as: How can we best support students' positive experiences while giving and receiving feedback on their writing? How do students write and communicate in the Humanities in comparison to Chemistry? What do texts look like when students write a MA thesis in Education? How do we write in Estonian?

We will support students who seek to engage in a thesis topic related to questions about writing and communication. For example, we have had students investigate creative writing in secondary schools and students' attitudes towards writing (examples to be added shortly). Another investigation focused on the stance of students in their writing in the Department of English MA theses.

Teaching and Learning: Our courses are informed by our research and currently the following courses are developed around our central principle to support writing and communication skills development:

We are often asked to support the following:

  • Writing Retreats for PhD students supported by Doctoral Schools
  • Thesis writing bootcamps
  • Shut-up and Write Sessions for Students

We have a number of resources available for students:

Akadeemiliste tekstide kirjutamine - humaniora

Akadeemiliste tekstide kirjutamine - socialia

Akadeemiliste tekstide kirjutamine - realia et naturalia

Akadeemiliste tekstide kirjutamine - medicina

Academic Writing Guideline for Writing in English


If you would like to join our team, please write an email to djuddah.leijen@ut.ee



Djuddah A.J. Leijen
Head of Centre
PhD (General Linguistics)

Lossi 3-306

Roger M.A. Yallop
Research Fellow in Academic Writing
PhD (General Linguistics)

Lossi 3-306